Anno 1404 failed to initialize directx

Aug 12,  · i have bought anno , installed it, along with uplay. Hallo, ich habe das spiel anno unter w7 32bit installiert als ich das spiel startete kamm diese meldung failed to initialize directx!ich hab darauf hin erst die. And please also inform me if there is any ini editior for vista.

May 19,  · discuss the topic "anno "failed to intilize directx" problem" in the pc gaming official forums. Ethanol is an agency and personal portfolio template built with bootstrap this is created for a cause to support my uncle's campaign. Feb 02,  · i wanted to try this anno game but when i try to start it it says failed to initialize directx, opened dxdiag everything is enabled.

When i re-installed the game "anno " i got the error "failed to initialize directx".

Dxdiag shows that my system is running directx 11 and also my gpu on both screens is running directx i tried following things. Every time i want to play i get the error message "failed to initialize directx" all though directx (11) is. The game worked perfectly on windows vista but i changed to windows 7.

Now, we've got three members ready to laugh at my super outdated computer! But now that i formated my portable computer i installed the game anno and when i try to start the game it pops up a message saying "failed to initialize directx".

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